Save money and time without sacrificing the services that you need


A wedding marquee is designed to make outdoor weddings comfortable for all of your guests during the duration of your event. This makes decorating easier to tackle as well. Marquees are only one of many event equipment hires that you may need, though. Catering, furniture and even linen hire, should also be considered when choosing wedding venues and a wedding hire. If hire furniture is needed, you should be certain that you are getting the best deal while keeping the services within one company, if possible, to make things easier on you.

Event furniture includes banquet chair hire, wedding chair covers hire, wedding decoration hire, and tablecloth hire, and sometimes even the kitchen equipment needed for preparing food. Whether you choose to have catering will effect on the party hire that you choose as well. Using as few vendors as possible when planning large events, such as weddings, can usually save time and money as part of the end result.

The chair hire that you choose will depend on the event that is being planned, along with the venue and the design and atmosphere that you are trying to achieve. Vintage chair hire provides a timeless, classic look, where a garden chair hire may work better in a backyard setting. There are sure to be instances where you simply need extra furniture to go with what you have available at the location you have chosen. Regardless of what you need for furniture hire, London is sure to have the perfect set for every event.

Event furniture hire is not reserved solely for weddings, however. A conference chair hire can be used for big meetings being planned at work, and for large gatherings at home, you may need an extra table and chairs to get you through the holidays when the dining room furniture that you have is overflowing with people. For the children, plastic chair rentals are also available no matter what the occasion is. When deciding on where to hold your event and the number of people you are inviting, take into consideration all of the options that are available and you can be sure that the workload will be easier.
Event furniture hire keeps planning minimal because they often provide everything that is needed in one package. They also have options that allow party hire employees to deliver all of the equipment as well as set everything up before the party and then take them down and return them when your event is over. This gives more time to spend with guests and relax while everything is taken care of for you. Regardless of what the event is, a chair hire will allow you to save money and time without sacrificing the services that you need.


Company Slogans – Are Customer Contests Now the New Norm?


Fast food


Who can ever forget such classic slogans like “where’s the beef?” and “we do chicken right!”? While these slogans helped propel the Wendy’s and KFC franchises to new heights – company based monikers and advertising pitches seems like a relic of the past. While the majority of catchy slogans and eye-grabbing visuals still take place within the company level – the latest trends revolves around customer entries and competitions.

While this is nothing new, it seems to have taken a life of its own in recent years. In fact, a car dealership in Louisville, Kentucky, recently held a brand naming event for the launch of its new international sports car line. With over 200 entries from online participants and physical visitors – the event was a monumental success and only reiterates the fact that public ideas are pivotal in helping brands establish greater awareness and visibility.

Brand Naming Contests

There are several brand naming contents and events taking place all over the world. This includes competitions for new sports teams, along with shows and even Internet podcasts. According to media professionals and specialists – this burgeoning and growing trend is attributed to several factors. This includes but is not limited to:

·         Companies utilizing public perceptions and ideas on social media platforms and networks.

·         This helps generate a “buzz” about new and existing products – slogan contents help attract and engage potential customers and clients – while garnering lasting interest in a myriad of brands and companies.

·         Traditional consumer research is now being replaced with online surveys, contests, brand name competitions, and other popular social events.

·         Social media integration campaigns – online marketing events for brands – public opinion on which slogans, titles, and sub-titles would best suit an existing or new commercial brand.

Old Marketing is New Marketing

Nearly a decade ago, the city of Houston reintroduced professional hockey to its residents and sports enthusiasts. To spearhead the arrival of the new expansion team, a citywide content was held to give the team a new name. Entries, however, poured in from all over Texas and the Gulf-Coast region, resulting in a mass pre-social media “buzz” that helped set the trend and pace for future contests. While names like “The Heat”, “The Ice”, “The Lone Stars”, and “Houstonians” were among the forerunners in the contest – “The Aeros” was once again chosen at the name to represent the city’s minor league hockey franchise.

Today, the Aeros continue to be a pivotal part of the Houston sports scene – and have also won several championships in the IHL and WHA. According to Bob Myers of Empire Marketing in Dallas – this was one of the first times that a contest was held to name a city’s sports team. That trend continues today, with contests held for new MLS, MLB, NBA, and WNBA franchises across North America.

Brand Name Marketing

Brand name and slogan competitions are a great way to market any company or service. It also allows potential clients and customers to be a part of helping businesses grow and expand. For your next social event or marketing campaign, why not let your audiences determine certain slogans and themes? This will only strengthen your online marketing campaign, and let your customers know how important they are.


Top Business Leaders Share Secrets


If you are tired of regular employment and are wondering what it would be like to start your own business, you should book a spot for FREE at the New Start Scotland Exhibition on November 12th and 13th. This annual event attracts the top entrepreneurial minds across Scotland and its aim is for them to share their experiences with others who want aspire to emulate their success. This is the 12th year that the exhibition will be hosted and there will be a variety of seminars and workshops where attendees can learn for free from professionals from a wide number of industries.

Scottish exhibition

According to Ceri Rogers, the exhibition’s director, the aim of the event is to give regular people an insight of what it takes to start and succeed in a business. The speakers aim to inspire and advice those young business people and also people who want to start their own businesses. He explained that they want only the top minds in entrepreneurship because their aim is to give the best guidance.

The event doesn’t just feature Scotland’s finest. Event planners know that in order to get the best they have to look beyond Scotland’s borders and every year there are a number of international figures, all of them successful and well known, invited to speak at the event. They impart the kind of advice and guidance that money cannot buy.

sir-tom-farmerOne of the Scottish guests who will be hosting a seminar is Sir Tom Farmer of the Kwik-Fit fame. He started his company in 1971 and steadily grew it into a chain of garages. Today, he has branches in countries all over the world and he was named Scottish Businessman of the Year in 1989. In addition to that, he has been awarded the Andrew Carnegie Medal for Philanthropy. These credentials alone will attract many to the event.

Other speakers are equally impressive. One of them is Jason Richelson who co-founded ShopKeep, an international software company that has hundreds of thousands of clients across the globe. He will be sharing with attendees the tools that he personally used to grow his own business, so this is definitely a session not to be missed.

Other seminar hosts include Ajmal Mushtaq, a leading Scottish restaurateur, and Ruaridh Macdonald, the Deputy Chief Executive of Macdonald Hotels and Resorts who are just as successful and who have much to share with attendees.

During the event attendees will also get a chance to interview some of the top minds in business and they will mingle with industry insiders who are also show partners.


What is the perfect garden furniture hire for an outdoor wedding ceremony


When you are looking for the perfect chair hire company you have to first know exactly what it is that you are looking for. Different companies offer different services, but there is sure to be one that has what you need without going over budget. In order to find the one that works for you, however, you have to know what you expect to achieve when planning your event. If you are in need of a marquee hire for instance, you will need a party hire that provides more than just furniture. The right company will have the kind of table and chairs that you are looking for as well, and will offer a variety of styles to choose from.

Event Furniture

Event furniture will be one of the main focal points of the whole affair, and it is important that you choose furniture hire that provides a uniform look. Garden chair hire for an outdoor wedding and banquet chair hire for an office event will make providing atmosphere one of the easiest tasks on the to do list.
For those instances where you cannot, however, the right company will also provide chair covers for hire. You can also find tablecloth hire and linen hire to make decorating easy to manage. Although not all companies offer these additional services, there are many that do and they can save you a lot of money.

The right event chair hire company provides more than just furniture. Marquees are used to provide shelter against inclement weather and certain chair hire companies, such as Childwall Chair Hire will also provide wedding decorations for the perfect look. Even a dance floor can be set up inside the marquee to make room for good times and happy memories.

Catering Services

A wedding hire may also provide catering hire services so that you can easily get everything that you need in one stop. Event furniture hire London provides alternatives when wedding venues available do not have the furniture that you require for all of your guests.

Rustic furniture directory magazine theme

A vintage chair hire can provide the perfect garden furniture for an outdoor wedding ceremony, and a wedding marquee can set the stage for a grand reception. When your dining room furniture just is not enough and you need to hire furniture, there are many options to choose from. You can use deck chair hire, wooden chair hire, or simple plastic chair hire and still get the look that you are trying to achieve for your big day. Wedding chair covers hire are a great way to ensure that every piece of furniture is matching with an atmosphere to go with it. The best chair hire company offers all of this in a package deal.

Chair Covers

When there is no other alternative for achieving your desired color or chair style that goes well with your event decor theme, than chair cover hire companies may help you out with your events. Almost every chair in the event industry has it’s char cover that fits the shape and size of a chair. Additionaly you can decorate these covers with nice bows that you can choose from a wide color palette.


Getting the best deal possible for your party equipment


choose the best deal

A wedding marquee makes having an outdoor wedding much more comfortable for all of your guests. It also sometimes makes for easier decorating. Marquees are not the only event equipment hires that you may need, however. From catering to furniture and even linen hire, there are a lot of things that you need to consider when deciding on wedding venues and a wedding hire. If you need to hire furniture, you want to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible from one central company to make your job less stressful.

Event furniture can include wedding chair covers hire, banquet chair hire, wedding decoration hire, and tablecloth hire, among other things. Whether or not you need catering will also have an effect on the party hire that you choose. It is often more convenient to use as few vendors as possible when you are planning large events, and it may even save you money in the long run.

rustic garden party with elegant chairsThe kind of chair hire that you use will depend on the kind of event that you are planning, as well as the venue and the overall look that you are trying to achieve. A vintage chair hire will provide a timeless feel, while a garden chair hire may be more appropriate for a backyard gathering of family and friends. In some cases you may simply need extra furniture to go with what you have already available at the venue that you have chosen. No matter what you need for furniture hire, London is sure to have the perfect combination for every event.

Event furniture hire is not only for weddings. A conference chair hire can be beneficial when there are big meetings being planned, and for events at home, you may simply need an extra set of table and chairs for an annual family gathering when the dining room furniture that you have is not enough. For the little ones in the group, plastic chair rentals are also available. Regardless of where you are holding your event or the number of people on the guest list, there are options available to make the workload easier on yourself.

Event furniture hire makes planning easier because they provide the option of having everything that you need included in one package deal. There are also options that allow the party hire employees to come to your location and set everything up before your event and then take them all down when you are finished. This gives you time to be with your guests and relax, and then even recover once the night is through. Regardless of what your plans are, chair hire can allow you to save money and time while still throwing the perfect party.

5 Steps To Organizing a Successful Chair Hire For An Event


If you are organizing an event you will have to pay attention to many things at once.  It is never easy to organize a successful event.  You have to hire a venue, invite guests, and arrange everything concerning catering services.  On top of everything, you will have to hire chairs for the event. Hiring chairs in London nowadays is easier than ever and you will be able to find anything your heart desires.  However, sometimes the majority of options, and the excess of choices can leave you stupefied and puzzled.

  1. Find A Company

The first thing you will have to do is find a company that will hire you chairs.  Since there are so many chair hire companies in London which deal with chair hire you will probably be able to find the one which will fulfill all your needs.  Moreover, I would advise that you speak to your friends who have already organized a similar event, and take their advice when it comes to the company and they have used for chair hire.

  1. Select The Type of Chair

my_garden_party_-_kids_party_hire_08Once you have found the company which will suit your needs, you should check the types of chairs they offer.  Make sure and that you select the type of chair which is best for your event.  Do not be stingy when it comes to chairs.  Make sure and that the type of chairs you have selected goes well with the theme of the event and that they are comfortable.  Please remember that even though a lot of people do not pay specific attention to chairs, they will definitely notice if the chairs are of really bad quality or extremely inexpensive. Similarly, if the chairs stand out too much both in the good or the bad way they will definitely be noticed by your guests.

  1. Arrange the Delivery

You will have to work closely with your chair hire London service in order to arrange the delivery of the chairs.  Make sure and that you give specific details to the company, as this will allow them to fulfill their task more successfully. If you want you can even have someone to help you when it comes to seating arrangements and chair hire and chair delivery.

  1. White folding chair hireThink Of The Venue

Of course you won’t be using the same chairs for different venues. You will have to think about the venue and then choose the chairs which will go with it, and which will compliment it.  Make sure and that you choose chairs which do not stand out too much, you don’t want the chairs to steal all the attention do you?

  1. Count the People

Prior to organizing an event you should get a precise number of people which will come at your event and which will attend.  This will make it so much easier for you to hire chairs.