Top Business Leaders Share Secrets


If you are tired of regular employment and are wondering what it would be like to start your own business, you should book a spot for FREE at the New Start Scotland Exhibition on November 12th and 13th. This annual event attracts the top entrepreneurial minds across Scotland and its aim is for them to share their experiences with others who want aspire to emulate their success. This is the 12th year that the exhibition will be hosted and there will be a variety of seminars and workshops where attendees can learn for free from professionals from a wide number of industries.

Scottish exhibition

According to Ceri Rogers, the exhibition’s director, the aim of the event is to give regular people an insight of what it takes to start and succeed in a business. The speakers aim to inspire and advice those young business people and also people who want to start their own businesses. He explained that they want only the top minds in entrepreneurship because their aim is to give the best guidance.

The event doesn’t just feature Scotland’s finest. Event planners know that in order to get the best they have to look beyond Scotland’s borders and every year there are a number of international figures, all of them successful and well known, invited to speak at the event. They impart the kind of advice and guidance that money cannot buy.

sir-tom-farmerOne of the Scottish guests who will be hosting a seminar is Sir Tom Farmer of the Kwik-Fit fame. He started his company in 1971 and steadily grew it into a chain of garages. Today, he has branches in countries all over the world and he was named Scottish Businessman of the Year in 1989. In addition to that, he has been awarded the Andrew Carnegie Medal for Philanthropy. These credentials alone will attract many to the event.

Other speakers are equally impressive. One of them is Jason Richelson who co-founded ShopKeep, an international software company that has hundreds of thousands of clients across the globe. He will be sharing with attendees the tools that he personally used to grow his own business, so this is definitely a session not to be missed.

Other seminar hosts include Ajmal Mushtaq, a leading Scottish restaurateur, and Ruaridh Macdonald, the Deputy Chief Executive of Macdonald Hotels and Resorts who are just as successful and who have much to share with attendees.

During the event attendees will also get a chance to interview some of the top minds in business and they will mingle with industry insiders who are also show partners.


5 Steps To Organizing a Successful Chair Hire For An Event


If you are organizing an event you will have to pay attention to many things at once.  It is never easy to organize a successful event.  You have to hire a venue, invite guests, and arrange everything concerning catering services.  On top of everything, you will have to hire chairs for the event. Hiring chairs in London nowadays is easier than ever and you will be able to find anything your heart desires.  However, sometimes the majority of options, and the excess of choices can leave you stupefied and puzzled.

  1. Find A Company

The first thing you will have to do is find a company that will hire you chairs.  Since there are so many chair hire companies in London which deal with chair hire you will probably be able to find the one which will fulfill all your needs.  Moreover, I would advise that you speak to your friends who have already organized a similar event, and take their advice when it comes to the company and they have used for chair hire.

  1. Select The Type of Chair

my_garden_party_-_kids_party_hire_08Once you have found the company which will suit your needs, you should check the types of chairs they offer.  Make sure and that you select the type of chair which is best for your event.  Do not be stingy when it comes to chairs.  Make sure and that the type of chairs you have selected goes well with the theme of the event and that they are comfortable.  Please remember that even though a lot of people do not pay specific attention to chairs, they will definitely notice if the chairs are of really bad quality or extremely inexpensive. Similarly, if the chairs stand out too much both in the good or the bad way they will definitely be noticed by your guests.

  1. Arrange the Delivery

You will have to work closely with your chair hire London service in order to arrange the delivery of the chairs.  Make sure and that you give specific details to the company, as this will allow them to fulfill their task more successfully. If you want you can even have someone to help you when it comes to seating arrangements and chair hire and chair delivery.

  1. White folding chair hireThink Of The Venue

Of course you won’t be using the same chairs for different venues. You will have to think about the venue and then choose the chairs which will go with it, and which will compliment it.  Make sure and that you choose chairs which do not stand out too much, you don’t want the chairs to steal all the attention do you?

  1. Count the People

Prior to organizing an event you should get a precise number of people which will come at your event and which will attend.  This will make it so much easier for you to hire chairs.