Fast food


Who can ever forget such classic slogans like “where’s the beef?” and “we do chicken right!”? While these slogans helped propel the Wendy’s and KFC franchises to new heights – company based monikers and advertising pitches seems like a relic of the past. While the majority of catchy slogans and eye-grabbing visuals still take place within the company level – the latest trends revolves around customer entries and competitions.

While this is nothing new, it seems to have taken a life of its own in recent years. In fact, a car dealership in Louisville, Kentucky, recently held a brand naming event for the launch of its new international sports car line. With over 200 entries from online participants and physical visitors – the event was a monumental success and only reiterates the fact that public ideas are pivotal in helping brands establish greater awareness and visibility.

Brand Naming Contests

There are several brand naming contents and events taking place all over the world. This includes competitions for new sports teams, along with shows and even Internet podcasts. According to media professionals and specialists – this burgeoning and growing trend is attributed to several factors. This includes but is not limited to:

·         Companies utilizing public perceptions and ideas on social media platforms and networks.

·         This helps generate a “buzz” about new and existing products – slogan contents help attract and engage potential customers and clients – while garnering lasting interest in a myriad of brands and companies.

·         Traditional consumer research is now being replaced with online surveys, contests, brand name competitions, and other popular social events.

·         Social media integration campaigns – online marketing events for brands – public opinion on which slogans, titles, and sub-titles would best suit an existing or new commercial brand.

Old Marketing is New Marketing

Nearly a decade ago, the city of Houston reintroduced professional hockey to its residents and sports enthusiasts. To spearhead the arrival of the new expansion team, a citywide content was held to give the team a new name. Entries, however, poured in from all over Texas and the Gulf-Coast region, resulting in a mass pre-social media “buzz” that helped set the trend and pace for future contests. While names like “The Heat”, “The Ice”, “The Lone Stars”, and “Houstonians” were among the forerunners in the contest – “The Aeros” was once again chosen at the name to represent the city’s minor league hockey franchise.

Today, the Aeros continue to be a pivotal part of the Houston sports scene – and have also won several championships in the IHL and WHA. According to Bob Myers of Empire Marketing in Dallas – this was one of the first times that a contest was held to name a city’s sports team. That trend continues today, with contests held for new MLS, MLB, NBA, and WNBA franchises across North America.

Brand Name Marketing

Brand name and slogan competitions are a great way to market any company or service. It also allows potential clients and customers to be a part of helping businesses grow and expand. For your next social event or marketing campaign, why not let your audiences determine certain slogans and themes? This will only strengthen your online marketing campaign, and let your customers know how important they are.